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Sew Organized! Toilet Paper Roll Caddy

How to put toilet paper rolls to good use  Fill a caddy or small box with toilet paper rolls and then fill the rolls with craft supplies. Decorate it with scrapbook paper or spray paint it.  Then fill it with toilet paper rolls and add your supplies. It’s good for holding pens, pencils, scissors, decorative […]

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Sew Organized Magnetic Bobbin Holder

This Magnetic Bobbin Holder is a perfect way to keep your bobbins at your finger tips and makes a pretty decoration for your craft/sewing room!  Last week I shared with you how to make Golf Tee Bobbin Holders and how to keep your bobbins from unwinding with these Pony Tail Holders. Here’s another way to keep your bobbins organized […]

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SEW Organized! Bottle Container Turned to Craft Caddy

SEW Organized! Bottle Container Turned to Craft Caddy This weeks SEW Organized Tuesday’s craft supply feature is a glass bottle container turned into a craft caddy.  Just purchase a 6-pack of glass bottle drinks, save the drinks for yourself and craft with the caddy!  I spray painted the sides with adhesive glue then covered it with […]

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SEW Organized-Scissor Stand

Hello friends and welcome to another Tuesday’s Sew Organized feature!  Today I’m featuring a Scissor Stand made from a coffee mug stand.  When you need a pair of scissors do you find yourself searching all over the house for them? This Scissor Stand will keep all your scissors organized and easy to find, all in one place! […]