SEW Organized! Ironing Board Tray

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Ironing Board Tray

Welcome to another Tuesday of SEW Organized craft room ideas!

When it’s garage sale season I usual spend my Saturdays, well more like Thursday-Saturday, at garage sales. I love a good bargain and there’s nothing like finding something old and turning it into something new.

I love how this ironing board is so much smaller than a regular ironing board, and much cuter! It’s cute enough to keep sitting out and small enough to put away and not take up a lot of space, I keep mine sitting out next to my sewing machine,   It works as a handy little table while sewing, too.

Supplies Needed:
Wood nails
Hot glue gun

  •  Measure the size of your table and add 1-1/2 inch to each side, so that will be a total of 6 extra inches plus the measurement of your table.
  • Cut your fabric and batting with this measurement.
  • Place the batting on top of the table and place the fabric over the batting.  Making sure it’s nice and even.
  • Using small wood nails tuck the batting and fabric underneath the tray and hammer in place.

This works best if you lay the tray down on the floor first.  Like shown below. (no project is complete in my house without kitties)

  • After you have hammered the fabric to the back side of the table, hot glue the edges to the bottom of the tray so the raw edges don’t hang down and show.

TIP: A  reader said if you place a piece of heavy duty foil on the tray before adding the batting it will draw in the heat making it easier to iron out creases.

Sidenote:  These kind of trays are so thick I would not recommend using a staple gun.

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  1. Been wanting to make a portable ironing board like this. Do I use warm and natural or polyester batting? And do you put the aluminum foil shiny side up or down.? Thank you
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  9. Very cute idea! I have one of these little tables.... need to make one. Can you kitty helpers come help me, too?!
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  11. Love the Idea, and the size of the project is also great since it saves a lit in space, but Marti, what I'm really loving is your kitties photo bombing your pic! Priceless! thank you so much for linking it up to the Fluster Buster Party, Have a fantastic week, Lizy party co host
  12. I am a foodie, but really appreciate your clever idea. I am space challenged so this is especially appealing.
  13. This is such a great idea! I have been ironing on my kitchen table with a towel but i have one of these TV tables folded up behind the couch and now I am headed to the craft store for batting and material. Pinning! Thanks for the inspiration, I would love for you to share this at the Krafty Inspiration Thursday Link Party tomorrow, it's live at 7 am est. Maria @ Krafty Cards etc.
    • That's awesome you are going to make one! I'd love to see a pic. I've done the same thing using my kitchen counter. This has become something I cannot live without!
  14. What a great idea! I'm also a big thrift store shopper and I've been thinking about getting a mini ironing board for my craft room. Love this!
  15. I would love to have one of these little things in my craft room! I have to either trudge downstairs to iron something or haul the ironing board upstairs. And I usually don't remember BEFORE I start crafting. So handy! We'll be featuring this over at Someday Crafts tomorrow!
  16. What a great idea! I have a set of little trays I used when I was single living with a roommate...18years ago!! I can put them to use once again! Thanks
  17. I made mine and have been working hard and fast. Fun and easy to make, I also used a staple gun to anchor fabric. So much easier to piece my quilt blocks and just slightly turn and iron my seams. Thanks for a great idea.
  18. Cute project! I've been wanting to make one for a few years but got involved in papercrafting and sort of forgot about my sewing and quilting. But with an upcoming shoulder surgery I'm thinking some one-armed sewing could be managed and with a sweet little ironing station like this so handy it would be even easier. One tip for you from when I made a ginormous ironing surface to go under my machine quilting time apply a layer of the really heavy aluminum foil over the wood with the shiny side up. It will help reflect heat back into the batting and fabric and make creases better as well as give the substrate a bit more protection.
    • That's a great tip, thank you!! I'm making two more of these for some friends and I will do that with the foil! It has definitely made my ironing easier, I no longer have to drag out the ironing board anymore I just leave this out in my craft room and find that I iron more often now. Good luck with your surgery, I wish you a speedy recovery! :) Marti
  19. Now this is clever! I really need to make an ironing board tray for my craft room. Thanks for sharing on COM Monday!! Katie
    • Awesome! I'd love to see it after you make one! :) A freezer work bench sounds like a great work table to have! Yes, a staple gun would work great!
  21. Oh wow, what an innovative idea! I have very limited sewing/crafting space, and the ironing board sure takes up a lot of room. We have some old wooden trays, so I will have to attempt to make one of these for sure :)

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