SEW Organized Yarn and Twine Containers

Welcome to another series of SEW Organized!  Every Tuesday I feature a new item to help you organize your craft room.  You can see all my craft room ideas here.

Craft Room Organization Plastic container twine holder at

I’ve been buying a lot of strawberries lately, and have been making a lot of Strawberry Shortcakes.  I kept the strawberry container’s, because I knew they would make great storage containers for something.

After I made my TWINE CupcakesI had several rolls of leftover yarn and put those strawberry containers to use!

I put 2 rolls of yarn in a container and pulled the end of the yarn through the slots.  When I need some yarn, I just pull the end of the yarn.

This keeps my rolls of yarn organized and since the containers are clear I can organize them by colors.

Plus, these containers keeps my cats away from the yarn! 

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21 thoughts on “SEW Organized Yarn and Twine Containers

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  10. Kathy

    Marvelous idea! Perfect size to store and to show your yarn/twine! Love it! I am so delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  11. Jacquelene L

    Thank you very much for sharing this great idea! I just dashed to my recycle bin and pulled out an empty tomatoe container. This is a great solution for the fringe yarn I use for embellishment. I put one in the container so I won’t forget. The best part it’s free!
    Jacquelene L

    1. Msmarti22 Post author

      Tomato containers are a good idea too! I will have to remember that the next time I buy tomato’s!

  12. Kimberlee

    Great idea – I also save the larger lettuce or spinach containers for fabric scraps I have cut into small squares or strips or bias strips. I will have to start using some for yarn as well.

    1. Msmarti22 Post author

      That’s a great idea, too!! I’m going to start saving those containers, they would be great for lots of things.

    1. Msmarti22 Post author

      Hello Patty! So glad you stopped by! 🙂



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