Easter Egg Zipper Pouch with Key Holder Tutorial

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Here’s a fun and quick tutorial for an Easter Egg Zipper Pouch with a Key Holder!  This cute little pouch makes a great coin purse or to put your lipstick or change in.   It’s easy and quick and can be done in 30 minutes.  

This tutorial is for beginners or advanced sewers.  If you can sew, you can do this!

Easter Egg Pouch with key holder at sewlicioushomedecor.com

I participated in K & C Supplies Free Sewing Supplies for Tutorials Exchange and they supplied the zipper for this tutorial.

You will need a zipper, matching fabric, and the Easter Egg pattern.  I used a cookie cutter to cut it out. You can enlarge it or make it smaller as you wish.

You can use a 5″ zipper or 7″.  It doesn’t matter how long the zipper is, since you’re going to cut it.

Ribbon for the key holder and a metal key holder.

Cut out two  Easter Eggs from both fabrics using the Easter Egg pattern.


Match up one of each easter eggs with one of each fabrics.  With wrong sides together, (yes , I said wrong sides together…it will makes sense in a few steps!)  Sew together. 

You will have 2 Easter Eggs.  One side will be one color of fabric, and the other side will be your other color of fabric.

One side will be the wrong side and one side will be the right side.


Take one Easter Egg with the fabric you want facing up (right side) and cut it in half diagonally as shown.


Lay one side facing down (right side down)  in the middle of the zipper as shown.  Pin in place and sew on to zipper.

zipper on right

Now, line your other piece on the other side of the zipper. Right side down, wrong side facing up.

Make sure it lines up correctly with the other piece so that when you fold it over it will be the shape of an Easter Egg and won’t be off.

Pin and sew in place.

left on zipper

It will look like this after you are done. Right side showing.


Now, pin in place the ribbon where your key holder is going to be on the right side.

The folded part of the ribbon is pinned inside, the raw edge of the ribbon is the part sticking out of the egg.


Unzip the zipper about half way so you can turn it right side out afterwards.

Pin the other Easter Egg on top.  Right sides together. 

Sew in place.  Sew right over the zipper!  When you’re done sewing, cut off the access zipper then turn right side out.


You’re all done! :)

Easter Egg Pouch with key holder 2

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