DIY Funfetti Candles Made from Candy Sprinkles

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This is a fun Funfetti Candle that’s made using candle wax and candy sprinkles.  Pour it in a jar, tie a bow around it and you have a beautiful decoration that matches your Oreo Filled Funfetti Cookies! They make great gifts.


I love match-ee match-ee.  So much that I make crafts to match my food.  Is that crazy or what?!  I’m known in my family for the crazy cat lady, but I think when you start making crafts to match your food, I’m officially now the crazy craft lady.

The things you can do with candy sprinkles are endless!  If you want to eat them you can try my Funfetti Cake Batter Cookies or my Oreo filled Funfetti Sandwiches.

Serve them with dinner along with a matching Funfetti candle and your guest will be so impressed, I promise!

You can also use other candy sprinkles to go with the holidays such as Easter or Christmas.

See what I mean?  Neverending.

There’s no need to go out and buy a candle, you can use one you already have.

Want to know how to make one? I knew you did!

Here’s the list of supplies you will need:

A glass jar

Candy sprinkles

Candle wax and a wick

Corn syrup or Karo syrup

Candle sprinkle supplies

It’s very easy to make.  You can even turn it into a fun kids craft.

Run your jar through the dishwasher to get it all nice and clean.

Melt your candle wax and have it ready and melted before you start.

If you’re re-using a candle you already have and it’s in a jar, you can put it on a candle warmer until it’s melted.  If you have candle wax that’s not in a jar just put it in a pan on low heat until it’s melted.

If you buy candle wax, I recommend  soy candle flakes. All Natural Soy Candle Wax

The first step is to:  

Pour in corn syrup and coat the inside of the jar.  Depending on the size of your jar, you may only need a couple of tablespoons or 1/4 cup for larger jars. If you’re not sure, just keep adding in small amounts until it’s coated.

Turn your jar every which way to get it completely coated.  If you  have too much you can always just pour out the excess.

Depending on what size of jar you use will depend on how much sprinkles to use. Start adding the sprinkles, shaking the jar as you go to get the sides completely coated.  Keep adding in sprinkles as need to coat the entire jar and pour out any left overs.

Now, pour in the candle wax and add your wick.  Set aside to dry and don’t forget to add a ribbon!

You’re all done!

Try some desserts to go with it!

Oreo Filled Funfetti Sandwiches

Funfetti  Sandwiches

Funfetti Cake Batter Cookies

Funfetti Cake Batter Cookies at

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inspiration by BethCakes
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  1. MamaToMany says

    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I’ve never made a candle before but I’m an insane freak over funfetti and I think this just may be calling me a bit too loudly to pass up! I have 3 little ones’ bdays coming up in a couple weeks… a few of these around a funfetti cake would be soooooo cute! You just made my night!

  2. says

    Marti I have a good friend who is the queen of “matchie-matchie” – but you just might have her beat match crafts and food. 😉 This is a really clever and colorful project.

    Thanks for sharing your candles with us at Project Inspired!!

  3. says

    What a fun idea. Thanks so much for sharing it-your tutorial was excellent!

    My weekly Say G’Day Linky Party is on right now and I would be thrilled if you could join in and link up this post. Please stop by and say g’day!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  4. says

    I love this! What a fun way to decorate a handcrafted candle. It’s so creative and cheerful with all those sprinkles. What a perfect gift for a party! Sharing!

    • says

      Thank you, Suzanne! It so fun to make and you can get creative by using holiday sprinkles to make them festive! Thanks for stopping by, I love the SITS! :)


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