Recycled Food Safe Oreo Cookie Bag to Zipper Bag

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Turn an Oreo Cookie Bag into a durable bag  you can use all year round with this easy step-by-step tutorial! These are fun bags to pack in kids lunches or soccer games or for school supplies.  They are made durable by using clear iron-on vinyl and since they are cookie bags they are already food safe!  


I was excited when I came across this idea.  Using iron on vinyl I knew the options were endless of what you could do with leftover cookie bags.

Everyone loves Oreo’s, right? There’s the copycat Oreo Cream Filling Oreo Hot Chocolate , Oreo Fudge and Oreo Filled Funfetti Cookies.

So, with all the Oreo love going around I thought it would be fun to recycle some Oreo bags. Don’t you think it would make a great conversation piece for kids? I mean, how many kids at school have recycled Oreo zipper bags?!

To make them durable for sewing you will need clear iron-on vinyl. Make sure you get clear since it comes in many different colors.  You can find it at your local craft store and Amazon. (affilliate link)

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial.


1 Oreo cookie bag

CLEAR Iron-on vinyl- Thermoweb 17-Inch by 2-Yard Heat’n Bond Iron-On Vinyl, Gloss

7″ zipper


Matching thread

NOTE: You don’t need to cover the inside of the bag with vinyl. The inside of the bag is already food safe, so if you cover it with vinyl, the bag will no longer be food safe.

Oreo Bag Supplies

oreo cookie

What is clear iron-on vinyl?

iron on vinyl

oreo cookie

The first thing you need to do is cut your bag the size you want it and wipe down the inside.

You will have 2 pieces, the front side and the back side.

cut out bag

oreo cookie

Cut out two pieces of iron on vinyl the same size as the bag pieces.

cut out pieces

oreo cookie

The iron on vinyl tells you how to apply it to your bag.

Peel off the clear vinyl from the paper.  Lay the sticky side on the right side of the bag.

Then place the paper you just peeled off on top, using a warm iron, iron over the paper to seal the vinyl.

iron this side up

oreo cookie

Now you have a durable bag you can sew.

vinyl covered bag

oreo cookie

Your going to sew it just like you would as if you were making a regular zipper bag.

Placing your bag face up, line up the zipper to the edge of the bag. Making sure you place the zipper face down.

You can pin it in place close to the edge as you can get so the pin wholes will not show.

BUT, Wonder Clips, paper clips or bobby pins are preferred!

Sew in place.

line up zipper

—->  Craftsy Mastering Zipper Techniques Class  <—-

oreo cookie

Next, line up the other edge of the zipper to the other bag piece.

So that the right side of the bag is facing the right side of the zipper, as shown.

Sew in place.

pin zipper to bag

oreo cookie

It should look like this when you are finished.finished look

oreo cookie

Next, fold together with right sides facing each other. Line up the edges and sew around all three sides.

Sew right over the zipper a few times for reinforcement. You will cut off the ends of the zipper afterwards.

Make sure you leave the zipper open when  you are sewing up the edges for turning right side out when you are done!

sew-up-around edges

oreo cookie

Leave the zipper open while sewing up the sides!

keep zipper open

oreo cookie

Cut off the ends of the zipper and snip the corners of the bag.


oreo cookie

Turn it right side out {gently} and {gently} poke out the corners.

Now you have the most adorable cookie zipper bag!

An Oreo Pen and Pencil bag at

oreo cookie

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while sewing:

  • Be sure you use long stitches rather than short stitches when sewing.  If your stitches are too short it will be like a perforation and your  bag will rip when you are turning it right side out.
  • Use a quality thread for more durability.
  • Using Wonder Clips, paper clips or bobby pins is preferred instead of pins.
  • When sewing, you can put tissue paper in-between the presser foot and the bag to avoid sticking OR you can try this little trick….Put scotch tape on your footer, except the little small area where your needle goes. I heard that works, too!

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Quick and Easy Snack Baggie {food safe}

Quick and Easy Snack Baggie by

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