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Recycled Office Desk Organizer Made with Toilet Paper Rolls

RECYCLED DESK ORGANIZER A recycled desk organizer for pens, markers, and notes made from toilet paper rolls.  Cover with fabric or paper to match your office decor.  This office organizer will look so cute in your office and it’s inexpensive, too! All you need are some toilet paper rolls and fabric or paper.  I covered these… Read More »

Milk Carton Pantry Organizers with Free Labels

By | January 5, 2016

These Recycled Milk Carton Pantry Organizers make your pantry look and feel organized.  Fill them with sugar, rice, salt, etc. for easy pouring.  This eliminates opened bags in your pantry from spilling out and keeps your pantry organized. FREE labels are included below! Rinse the milk cartons and let dry overnight.  Paint with your favorite color.… Read More »

Scrapbook Paper Cereal Box Organizers

By | April 10, 2015

I’m at Club ChicaCircle today sharing how to make these organizers using cereal boxes! Organizing is one thing I love to do. I’m always adding things to my craft room because I am a garage sale freeeeak! So I needed a way to organize everything without spending lots of $$$ on organizers. I made these… Read More »

10 Must Have Laundry Room Organization Ideas

By | January 19, 2015

It seems like the laundry room is the last room to get organized, but one of the most needed, right?  So I’m sharing some wonderful and amazing organization ideas with you for the Laundry Room! Here they are! Enjoy and thank you for stopping by! Make your own Spray Starch with this easy and inexpensive… Read More »

DIY Recycled Milk Carton to Utensil Holder

By | September 28, 2014

An easy craft using wooden rulers and a milk carton.  You can use it as a Utensil Holder or pen/pencil holder in your office or give to a teacher for their desk. It would make a perfect gift!   Do you know your neighbors? I mean, not just know who they they are if you… Read More »

DIY Chalkboard Message Board

By | August 19, 2014

Here’s an easy way to turn a regular chalkboard into a DIY Message Board for your kitchen.  It’s perfect for leaving notes for the kids or dinner ideas! I found this chalkboard at Hobby Lobby.  It’s makes a beautiful decoration for the kitchen. Check out how you can make a message board from a picture… Read More »

Easy Pocket Folder Organizer Tutorial + Giveaway

A handy Pocket Folder Organizer to store coupons, photos, recipes, pet records, travel info, or anything else you need to organize. It’s made from a manila folder and covered with decorative scrapbook paper. Make several so you will have one for every use. These are perfect for organizing coupons to toss in your purse. If you go on… Read More »

Trash Bag Dispenser from Recycled Paper Towel Holder

A recycled paper towel holder to use for your Trash Bag Dispenser, large or small. It’s decorative and you can keep it conveniently located on your counter top. No more ugly trash bag boxes sitting on the floor or under a cabinet, keep them at your finger tips. Using a paper towel holder makes it decorative… Read More »

Sew Organized Dollar Store Cup to Yarn Container

Hello and happy Tuesday!  Thank you for joining me for another Tuesday’s Sew Organized Craft Room feature!  Today I’m showing you how to turn a plastic cup from the dollar store, into a yarn container! If you haven’t been to your local dollar store lately, you should check them out!  They have so many pretty… Read More »

Sew Organized Bobbin Rings

Happy Tuesday! Thank you for joining me for this Tuesday’s Sew Organized feature!  Today I’m featuring a way to keep your bobbins together on a ring, so that you can hang the ring on a peg board. You can use key rings or shower curtain rings found at the Dollar Store. See all my Sew… Read More »

DIY Dry Erase Message Board from A Picture Frame

A Dry Erase Message Board for busy kitchens. Leave your family little notes using this decorative and useful message board made from a picture frame. Paint the glass any color to match your decor.  Use a dry erase marker to leave notes and they easily wipe off with a dry cloth.    Using a picture… Read More »

Sew Organized Recycled Tic Tac Containers to Yarn Containers

Happy Tuesday to you!  Thank you for joining me again for this week’s Sew Organized Craft Room feature!  Today I’m featuring another yarn, twine, or embroidery thread holder in a tic tac container. Remember these?  We used to eat them like candy growing up.  Now, they’ve come out with a larger container that’s perfect for storing… Read More »

McDonalds I’m lovin it! Yarn Holders

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!  Thank you for joining me for today’s Sew Organized Craft Room series. I love being able to share my ideas with you. Today I’m featuring McDonald’s cups for yarn holders.  Just put your ball of yarn in the cup and add the lid.  Run your strand of yarn through the… Read More »

DIY Flower and Teapot Ribbon Holder

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Welcome to today’s Sew Organized Craft Room series!  Today I’m featuring a way to keep your ribbon organized.  Spring is near and I love all the bright pretty Spring colors.  So I went shopping…..again. This time at Michaels.  I found the cutest bright and cheerful flowers I’ve ever seen!  They came in… Read More »