Bundt Pan Gift Basket

Easily turn a bundt pan into a Bundt Pan Gift Basket.  Fill it with cupcake liners or other kitchen items.  Wrap a bow around it for a fun and creative gift!

Bundt Pan Gift Basket at sewlicioushomedecor.com

I am always finding bundt pans at garage sales and thrift stores. Not only are they for baking cakes, but you can fill them with all sorts of things and use them for a gift basket!

Bundt Pan Gift Basket

This one was a little scuffed up so I spray painted the outside and it looks good as new. Of course, if you’re giving one away you would probably want to use a brand new one, but the ones I find at garage sales are perfect to use around the house, such as baking and even for a wreath!

Gift Baskets using a Bundt Pan

You can fill the center with paper straws, kitchen utensils, paint brushes, or silverware.  Then fill the bundt pan with small gifts to with them.

 Bundt Pan Wreath


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