29 Uses For Recycled Coffee Cans

Coffee cans serve many more purposes than just for coffee!  They can be used to store craft supplies, silverware, napkins, toiletries, washcloths, kitchen utensils, and paint bottles to name a few.  Below you will find many other uses coffee cans can be used for! Enjoy!!

29 uses for recycled coffee cans


Coffee Can Organzier

I made this Coffee Can Organizer using McCalls Pattern #M4858.

  Valentine Tin Cans with Burlap Perfect gift ideas sewlicioushomedecor

Burlap Tin Cans {SOURCE: Sewlicious Home Decor}

folgertoylabels folgerscanisters2 (1)

 Crafty Canisters with FREE Labels! {SOURCE: Heart Of Wisdom}


 Cheap Organization with Krylon and Coffee Cans {SOURCE: Kelli’s Kitchen}


Holiday Coffee Containers {SOURCE: CraftBits}


Coffee Can Organizer Tutorial {Source: Made with Moxie}

Can Vases {Source: Rachel Ray Magazine}

Wallpaper Wrapped Can Vases {Source: Martha Stewart}


Wrap It Up {Source: BHG}


DIY Chic Studio Office Organization {SOURCE: Timewashed}


 Snowman Hat {SOURCE: Stars’n’Sparkles Bloom’n’Bling}


Flower Arrangement {Source: BHG}


Coffee Can Wrapped In Twine or Yarn {Source:  Family Crafts}

Can Food Serving Containers {Source: Martha Stewart}

Recycled Can Pedestal Stand {Source: Sweet Paul Magazine}

Tin Can Jack O’Lanterns {Source: Martha Stewart}

Pumpkin Lanterns {Source: Woman’s Day}

Hanging Punched Can Luminaries {Source: Design Sponge}

Fabric Covered Can Candle Holders {Source: Plum Creek Collectables}

Can Organizer Board {Source: HGTV}

Can Cubbies {Source: Martha Stewart}


Closet Organizer {Source: HGTV}

Hanging Can Storage {Source: Country Home}

Tiered Vintage Can Stand
{Source: Better Homes and Gardens}

Utensil Holders {Source: HGTV}

Can Wine Rack {Source: Real Simple}

Tin Can Knitting {Source: Disney Family Fun}

Door Hanger May Day Cans {Source: Martha Stewart}


Re-purposed Can Biscuit Cutter {source: Real Simple}

Lunch Cans {SOURCE: Sweet Paul Magazine}

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  1. Hi, I would love to get instructions on your coffee can organizer. I see you used a pattern to start it but whatever you can tell me would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. I really make it a point to find new ideas and great recycling tips I can use everyday, and let me just say that I am so glad to find this site. I love what you did wit the cans as a towel holder in the bathroom, and it really got my attention. It's something I find new, and really creative. Making it a pencil holder kind of looks great and will definitely try the old cans we have back home out. Thanks for this post.
  3. Hey thanks for sharing the love. I really appreciate it! Love your great ideas for Coffee Cans! Now I'm going to have to see if my favourite coffee comes in a can so I can get organized! Melissa aka LostBumblebee
  4. I LOVE your website and all your crafty ideas. I for one LOVE to reuse and recycle things. One thing I do is use empty Folgers red plastic coffee cans to repot my plants. The red gives my indoor kitchen garden a nice pop of color. I've always wanted to use the metal kind but I do LOVE all the ways you've created with them and thank you for sharing, I will be incorporating some of these and you have a new follower. Have a BEAUTIFUL day!! :)

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