Easy Pocket Folder Organizer Tutorial + Giveaway

A handy Pocket Folder Organizer to store coupons, photos, recipes, pet records, travel info, or anything else you need to organize. It’s made from a manila folder and covered with decorative scrapbook paper. Make several so you will have one for every use.

Pocket Organizer sewlicioushomedecor.com

These are perfect for organizing coupons to toss in your purse.

If you go on vacation make one for each place you visit. Store all the keepsakes in the pockets along with memorable photos. Then use travel scrapbook paper to cover the pockets with. So cute!!

They are handy for organizing receipts. You can make one for each store you shop at and have your receipts organized by the stores you shop at.

For pets make one for each pet and keep their records organized.

These are just a few ideas of what you can do with these. They are just so handy!

Pocket folder organizer made with scrapbook paper and manilla folders. sewlicioushomedecor.com

Here’s the tutorial. Enjoy!

Gather your scrapbook paper and folder(s).

You will also need:

Adhesive spray glue

Dot runner

Scotch tape


Don’t’ worry, this is much easier than it may look.

Lay your folder flat making sure the tab is at the top right as shown in Step 1.

Pocket Folder Organizer Collage

How to fold the pocket organizer:

Step 1) With the tab at the top right, fold up the bottom. Line the bottom edge to where the top tab begins.

Step 2) Fold it over to meet in the center. Line the edge of the folder to the center. (don’t line the tab up to the center)

Step 3) Fold over the other side to the center.

Step 4) It will look like an accordion when you’re done. Check to make sure the spine doesn’t overlap. (see photo below)

Step 5) Lay it flat down as shown.

Step 6) Turn it over and spray the back with glue adhesive spray, then fold the two back pieces together.

Step 7) This is what it will look like when you’re done.

After you have completed Step 4, check to see if the spine overlaps, like in the photo below.


If it does, just realign it so it doesn’t overlap as much.


Now, measure the sizes of the scrapbook paper you will need to cover each pocket and outer cover. Allow 1/4 inch extra for the outer cover so you can fold it over 1/4 inch onto the back side.

It’s easier if you cut out all your scrapbook papers at once.


Then using  your dot runner, tape all your papers onto the organizer.


and remember, when you glue the front cover on, fold the edge over about 1/4 inch onto the back side.


Next, using scotch tape, tape the spine starting at the top to the bottom. This will help reinforce it and reduce wear and tear.

Then tape your pocket ends closed.

That’s it! Be sure to enter the Giveaway below for a free kit to get you started!

Paper Pocket Folder Pockets
Enter below for your chance to win One Pocket Folder Organizer Kit to get you started making one of your own!

One kit includes:

One manilla folder

6 Pages of scrapbook paper

One glue(dot) runner


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 inspiration by: HomeKeteers

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  1. I just finished my Easy Pocket Folder Organizer. Wow, so much fun and very easy. Thank you for breaking down all the steps with pictures, I am a very visual crafter, sewer, quilter. This organizer is for my niece to help her track her expensive while in college. Her sister helped me pick the scrapbook paper and it is so her. Thank you again for a very useful and crafty project.
  2. This is such a great and creative idea. I love how you broke down the steps so well with your beautiful pictures. Thanks for linking up!
  3. Love this diy folder idea! Totally brilliant! If I win, I am making my own :) I haven't used that glue thingy before, that will be fun to play with for sure! Thanks for the giveaway, pinning!

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