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Fluffy Peeps Pink Marshmallow Dip

The best ever Fluffy Peeps Marshmallow Dip to go with your Easter treats. It’s light, fluffy and delicious! If you’re looking for a marshmallow dip you will love this one!  It’s great for any time of the year.  Color it pink for Easter or you can use other colors for different occasions because this dip… Read More »

Oreo Cream Filling Nabisco Recipe

Oreo Cream Filling Nabisco Recipe This Oreo Cream Filling Nabisco Recipe is SO fun and delicious!  It’s perfect for serving with cookies and dips for any occassion. This Oreo dip is an easy recipe and goes perfect with cookies or eat it the way I eat cake batter….. All by itself. You will literally love licking the… Read More »