DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

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Happy Tuesday, friends!  Welcome to this weeks Craft Room feature!  Today I’m showing you how to make a Magnetic Pin Holder.  It’ very easy to make, and you can use dishes you already have!

DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

Simply find a plate.  One that kinda curves up a little would be better than a flat place.  Find a bowl to sit it on, one that has an opening in the center.

I used a candy dish and turned it upside down.  Notice it’s not a flat edge.   So when I sit the plate on top, the magnet on the bottom of the plate won’t interfere.

DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

I used a thick magnet to make sure it would work through a thick glass plate, and it works great.  Just tape the magnet on the bottom of your plate and hot glue your plate onto your stand.

DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

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  3. Huhu, great Idea:-) I used something similar, to create a pin holder. I used slef adhesive Magnets like this ones: Maybe it is a good tip for one of you ladies:-)
  4. Hello,nice share.
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  15. I like this idea but where did you get the large magnet?
    • I had an old plastic magnetic pin holder that I took apart and used the magnet that was in it. You can purchase magnets and tape two or three to the back of the plate to make a strong hold. :)
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  20. Love this idea! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your blog. ~Kelly unDeniably Domestic
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  24. This is a super cute idea. Thanks for sharing at the party!
  25. What a good idea........and it looks cute too. Thank you for sharing. :) Gentle Joy
  26. Marti, what a fantastic idea! You are always so creative! Love the way it is magnetic... perfect to keep them put! :)
  27. This is a fantastic idea! So crafty. I need to buy some magnets right away!

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