National Sewing Month-Guest Post {honeybearlane}

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Hello everyone!  Thank you for joining me for another National Sewing Month guest post!  I will be featuring sewing blogs all week to celebrate the last week of National Sewing Month!

I am very thrilled to introduce our featured blogger today!  Meet Heidi from HoneyBear Lane!


Heidi is known as the Puff Quilt girl!  Her site exploded once she introduced her puff quilt tutorial.  She is very creative and loves to inspire women and men with her creativity.

This is her rag puff quilt pattern.  Isn’t this the cutest quilt you’ve ever seen?!  I love the ‘puff’ concept!!

ragpuffcover (1)

You can purchase this pattern at her Shoplocket shop for only $8.00!

Her other project that I just love, love, love are her Ruffled Curtains!  How cute is this!!


She offers this as a free tutorial here.

As you can see, she is very creative!  Stop by and visit her and see all her work!  You can find her here:



  1. You are wonderful as your function and I actually believe that this is a very good matter to share....
  2. Thanks for the feature! You are so sweet! xoxo

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