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Lemon Oreo Stuffed Cookies

By | September 18, 2016

Lemon Oreo Stuffed Cookies Homemade lemon cookie dough wrapped around lemon Oreo cookies. A zesty delicious cookie! Hope you had a great weekend!  I’m enjoying the lake and this view! These cookies are everything you can imagine in a lemon cookie.  They are made with a delicious homemade lemon cookie dough wrapped around a lemon Oreo cookie. It’s… Read More »

Lemon Pudding Cobbler Dessert Recipe

LEMON PUDDING COBBLER  A refreshing, tangy lemon cobbler made with a lemon pudding mix and lemon zest topped with whip cream.   It’s funny I never used to eat lemon desserts much…..I’m not sure why. Now I realize what I have been missing out on all these years! And if you don’t give this lemon pudding… Read More »

Lemon Greek Yogurt Raspberry Pound Cake

By | March 28, 2016

LEMON GREEK YOGURT RASPBERRY POUND CAKE Light raspberry pound cake made with lemon raspberry Greek yogurt.  I happen to be a huge fan of Greek yogurt.  I usually have a Granola Yogurt Bowl every day. While I was grocery shopping last week I came upon Raspberry Lemon Greek Yogurt and my mind starting spinning with… Read More »

Lemon Greek Yogurt Poppy Seed Bread

By | March 24, 2016

LEMON GREEK YOGURT POPPY SEED BREAD Moist and light Poppy Seed Bread made with better for you ingredients like Lemon Greek Yogurt that’s crazy delicious.  I love adding Greek yogurt to everything. It makes breads more light and fluffy, moist, and absolutely delicious! If the weekend had an official cake, you’re looking at it. Let’s take… Read More »

Creamy No Bake Lemon Meringue Pies

By | April 12, 2015

These easy {no-bake} Lemon Meringue Pies are perfect for a Summer dessert.  They are quick, creamy, and full of delicious lemon flavor.  No need to spend time over the hot stove for these pies!There’s no baking at all! They make a perfect Summer back yard dessert everyone will love! Have you tried Lemon Oreo’s?  That’s… Read More »

Lemon Eggnog Pound Cake

By | December 5, 2014

Lemon Eggnog Pound Cake Friends, you are in for a treat with this recipe!  What’s not to love about lemon and eggnog?! Put them together and  you have an ultimate Lemon Eggnog Pound Cake with an eggnog glazed topping that is deeeeelicious!  In case you are still trying to decide what to serve for dessert this… Read More »

Lemon Pudding Cheesecake Cookies

I’m taking a Lemon Cheesecake and turning it into a cookie! These Lemon Pudding Cheesecake Cookies have a zest of lemon flavor with a creamy cheesecake filling. They are light, refreshing, and citrus-y and insanely delicious! Your going to want to drop everything and go make them! Today is special. Why? Because I put a fun… Read More »