how to assemble a pastry bag

How to assemble a pastry bag for icing

how to assemble a pastry bag

My daughter and I took a Wilton cake decorating class together and we learned how to use their decorating tips for  cakes and cupcakes.   It was so fun because growing up I did not cook much so I love learning every technique and tip I can. Her’s turned out so cute I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Final cake 9.3.2010

Before the class I had no idea how to use a pastry bag let alone what tip(s) to use.

So I created a step-by-step tutorial in hopes it will help you make your baking easier and more fun. You can even use tips for meringue!

You will need Wilton Disposable Decorating Bags. I like these the best because you don’t have to wash the bag afterwords. When I cook I dirty every dish in the kitchen so I don’t need another thing to wash! The other option is to use plastic Wilton Piping Bags , you will wash these and re-use them.

Next, you will need a Wilton Coupler.  This is what holds the decorating tip in place.

And lastly, you will need decorating tips. You can buy individual tips as you need them or buy the 28-piece set.  The set makes for a fun project to experiment with on a rainy day.100_5321

The long tip in the photo is another favorite of mine.  It’s used for filling inside a cupcake. I always wondered how they got filling inside a cupcake! It’s called a Wilton round tip #230.

Let’s get on to the tutorial, shall we?

First, unscrew the  coupler.  Place the large piece inside the bag. Measure how much of the tip of the bag you will need to cut off.  Cut just where the grooves begin.

If you are using plastic bags you will follow the same process.  Once you cut the tip off your bag you will be able to re-use it for most other tips.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not cut too much of the tip off.  You can always cut more if you need to. When you are squeezing the bag your coupler will come out if you cut off too much.

How to fill a pastry bag by

After you cut off the tip of the pastry bag, leave the coupler in the bag as shown.


Now assemble the coupler on the outside of the bag by first adding your tip, then screw the coupler on as shown. The coupler holds the tip in place.


Some of Wilton’s tips are very large and will not fit on a coupler.  For those tips, you will cut off the tip of the bag and drop the tip into the bag. Shown below.


Now you’re ready to fill the bag.  Use this method for plastic or disposable bags. Put the bag inside a tall cup and fold the edges over the cup.


Using a spoon or a spatula, fill the bag with icing (or meringue).

Remove the bag and twist the top a few times to close the top. This will prevent the icing from coming out at the top.

Now grip the top of the bag and squeeze it until icing comes out.

If it doesn’t turn out the way you want the first time, keep practicing!  Practice makes perfect for this project.  The more you experiment the easier (and better) it becomes!

wilton pastry bag


Items shown in this tutorial: 

28-piece set Wilton tips | disposable bags | re-usable bags| coupler | star tip | filling tip

Items used to bake a cake:

3-piece cake stand | pedestal cake standbakeware setcake batter bowl | mixing bowls | | oven mitt | spatulasstand mixer | hand mixer | oven thermometer

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