SEW ORGANIZED! Ribbon Organizer Tote

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Hello everyone!  Thank you for joining me for another Tuesday of SEW Organized craft room ideas!  In case you missed last week feature, I am featuring it again because #1 I love the idea of using a plastic bin for ribbon since I have all my ribbon stuffed in a drawer!!  and #2 I promise to post the correct link to her Ribbon Organizer this time!!! o:)

Ribbon Organizer


You can find the full tutorial at  The Chicken Chick!

Want more?  Use dollar store plates to organizer you supplies!

2-Tier Plate Stand Organizer2-tier-plate-stand-with-buttons

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  2. LOL! Thanks for the re-post. You're a peach. :) Kathy Shea Mormino The Chicken Chick http;//

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