Christmas Card Exchange Around The World

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Christmas Card Exchange Around The World – 2020

Help keep our Christmas tradition going!  Join our CHRISTMAS CARD EXCHANGE from around the world! It’s open to anyone……….anywhere.

There’s only one requirement! When you join you agree to send 5 cards.

You will pick 5 names from the list that is sent out to everyone on Nov. 1st. Of course, you are more than welcome to send out more than 5 cards if you would liked.

If you can agree to that, then please JOIN us!

Simply fill out the form below to join.



    1. Is there going to be a Christmas Card Exchange 2021?
    2. Hi. I'm just checking to see if there will be a new list going out this year for Christmas 2021.
    3. Using last years list. Hoping next year is back to normal. Happy Holidays from Rhode Island!
    4. Hi. When will the 20202 Christmas Card list get emailed to us?
    5. Julia Renpening
      A huge thank you to everyone who sent cards to me :) I will keep your address for this year. Hoping that all of my cards reached their destination! Can't wait for another exchange in November 2020 :)) Happy New Year from Germany.
    6. Hellen van Vugt
      I have seen this on facebook and I like to send some cards to is it possible to do that.
    7. Randi Keenan
      I never got a list of names to send cards out too.
    8. Has the 2019 Christmas card mailing list been sent out yet?
    9. Sharnell Barkdull
      Hi, just joined the Christmas Exchange list. Are there many exchanges from the Uk or GB? Thank you for offering the exchange. I love to send and receive Christmas cards, but my family, not so much. 😞 I look forward to this.
      • Yes Ma'am! I got it Thank-you I look forward to receiving and maling Christmas cards to different people I will be sending you one also Have A Blessed Day Suzie
    10. I would like to know if I need to sign up ea year for this I did this last year loved it. Would love getting pictures of dogs & cats😊
    11. CORY PAIGE
      I received about 15 cards last year. Three cards came after Christmas so if you are sending to another country including my country of Canada send it earlier! A number of the cards were fantastic looking. A few even added good looking special postage stamps instead of the common forevers. I joined up on the Christmas list again. I will be sending cards to a few from last years list as the cards and letters were great to read and look at in my front room.
    12. Donna Mathers
      Good evening, I recently retire and have lots of time on my hands. :-) I would love to participate in the Christmas Card Exchange 2019.
    13. I want to join
      • Great! Go to this link and fill out the form and you will be added to the list for next year. :)
      • Donna Mathers
        All together, this year 2019, I sent out over 200 international and US cards combined. Gets a little expensive but so worth it. I have met some amazing people from all around the world because of the exchange. Didn't make my mailman happy that I received 137 cards for Christmas, and 33 earlier of Thanksgiving. I'll be ready for making new friends in Year 2020! WOW wasn't it just the Y2K a couple years ago!
    14. Ronald Mannw
      Like to become a member of Christmas card exchange
    15. I am so sad that we missed this. We are looking to exchange and use the cards that arrive to learn about locations and their customs around the globe.
    16. Jennifer Guerra
      This is so fun, hoping to receive cards. I am getting mine out in the mail this week. Everyone have a wonderful HolidY!
    17. When will we get the mailing list? Will it be email or snail mail? This is my first time.
    18. When will the list be sent out? I'm itching to get started!
    19. Andreja Zelenik
      I think this is a great idea. I like to make, send and receive Christmas cards. So I can't wait to get my list of names. Thank you.
    20. Mrs Kathy Dodge
      I have just filled the form again as I am not sure if it went through the first time
    21. Sherry Lynne Lobberecht
      I'm so excited, I have always wanted to do this. I can wait to get my list of names. Merry Christmas early
    22. I think this is a great idea. I've wanted to not let the Christmas traditions die out and I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. However, I do not care for photographs sent as Christmas cards - they're usually not even Christmas-y because they've been taken throughout the year. If you want to include a photo in the Christmas card, that's great - just don't call your photo a Christmas card. Can't wait to see how this goes. Merry Christmas everyone! Lisa
      • Hi Lisa, I totally agree! Especially when the photos are of their pets! The last thing I want to see when I open an envelope during the holidays is a picture of a cat or dog!!! Tracy
    23. Judy Bright
      I did this last year and I enjoyed it immensely. I can’t wait to do it again. It was so enjoyable. Thank you and Bless you all.
    24. Cory Paige
      My wife is from Europe , we used to get 20-30 Christmas cards. This year we received 0 from her country. Nothing from her family and friends. I collect world wide Christmas cards so lets see where I get them from, sounds like fun.
      Oh how exciting can't wait, Love love Christmas cards!!

    26. Theresa Springer
      Sounds like lots of fun, can't wait for the details. Theresa

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