Candy Coated Chocolate Hazelnut Wafers {christmas treats}

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candy coated chocolate hazelnut wafers

I was wanting a gift that was edible for some of my friends and came up with candy coated chocolate hazelnut wafers.  I dipped the wafers in chocolate, then coated them with different kinds of candy toppings.  They loved them!  You can also use candy canes instead of wafers.

Wilton Candy Melts.  White and chocolate
Wafers, candy canes, or pepperment sticks
Sprinkles, red, green, gold
Chopped nuts
Treat bags and ribbon
Stove top or microwave
Waxed paper
Lay out waxed paper large enough to place wafers on without any of the pieces touching.
Melt Candy Melts following package directions.
Dip wafers into melted candy.  Place on waxed paper.  Embellish candy with sprinkles or nuts.  Allow to cool.
Place each wafer into a treat bag.  Cut 7″ ribbons to tie around each treat bag.  Knot ribbon just above the candy.  Trim the top of the bag 2″ above the knot.


  1. These would be great to give to my mail carrier. I have been trying to think of something, thank you!
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