BOO Your Neighbor-Instructions + Free Printables

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BOO Your Neighbor-Instructions + Free Printables

Have you ever BOO’ed your neighbors? ¬†If not, it’s a fun trick or treat game! For kids and adults! ūüôā

How do you play you ask? ¬†Easy…there are two printables you will need to print out. ¬†One says YOU’VE BEEN BOO’ED and one says WE’VE BEEN BOOED.

Come see how it’s done!

You've Been Boo'ed Instructions and free printables


You will take a trick or treat bag of goodies (not expensive) to TWO neighbors in your neighborhood and leave the bag of treats at their front door along with a copy of both printables. ¬†The YOU’VE BEEN BOO’ED printable tells them they have just been BOO’ed and gives them instructions on how to play. ¬†The WE’VE BEEN BOO’ED printable tells them to tape it on their front door so other neighbors know they have already been BOO’ED.

If this sounds confusing, the complete instructions are printed on the printables.

If you’re on the Social Committee in your neighborhood, this would be a fun game to start!


You’ve Been

We’ve Been



We’ve Been Booed One Neighbor

 I shared this here and Between Naps on the Porch


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  9. is there any way i can use this and change it to "another neighbor" vs two other neighbors? We live in a small neighborhood. thanks!
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  11. There's a typo in the very last sentence. Shouldn't it read - Make sure to put the "We've Been Boo'ed"on YOUR door for all to see!" - It didn't make sense to have "our door". Is this something you could fix soon? If not, I can handwrite a "y", but really didn't want to do that!
    • Oh my goodness! I left off the Y in Your and that's why it says our. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. I've gone over it 100 times, can't believe I missed that!! :) It's been updated!
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  21. I love doing this - at home and at work. Thanks for another version of this!
  22. This Boo activity is adorable! However, there are a few typo's. (3rd sentence, 'sp' instead of 'so') Is it at all possible to fix them and repost? I really want to do this with the teachers at my school, but I know they will ALL catch the mistakes.... Thanks!

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