Hanging Wall Organizer Sewing Tutorial

By | September 16, 2013

This Hanging Wall Organizer is great for kids rooms and craft rooms.  The organizer is hung on the wall using a decorative curtain rod.  Fill the pockets to keep things handy and at your finger tips! 

Hanging Wall Organizers

 Supplies Needed:


Contrasting fabric

Iron on interfacing

The size of your fabric varies depending on what size you want  your pockets to be.  This tutorial is for the larger pockets.

Cut one piece of fabric and one contrasting piece 20″ long and 6-1/2″ wide

Cut one piece of fabric 5″ long x 5″ wide.  This is what your going to be putting the curtain rod through so make sure it will fit your rod.  Fold the 5×5 piece in half and see if your rod will fit through it.  If not, adjust the size accordingly.

Cut a piece of interfacing 20″ x 6-1/2, the same length.

Iron on interfacing to wrong side of fabric.

In this order lay fabric flat:  Contrasting fabric piece right side down, then lay outer fabric piece wrong side down on top of the contrasting piece.  Pen in place.  

Put a 1/4″ hem on each end at top.

Fold up in half, wrong sides together.  Sew up both side edges.


Sew the corners by marking 1″ on each corner with a fabric pen.  Sew straight across marked area on both corners.


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Your corners will look like this when finished.


Turn right side out.

Put 5″ x 5″ piece together with wrong sides facing each other, sew up the sides and ends leaving one small opening for turning right side out.

Find the center of the top pocket and the center of the 5″ x 5″ piece and place the 5″ x 5″ piece at the top of the pocket.  Sew onto one edge of the pocket.   This is what you’re going to put the curtain rod through.  So only sew on about 1/4″ to the pocket so you will leave enough room to put the curtain rod through.




You’re all done!

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Ironing board tray


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  5. Crystal Martin

    This would be a cute way to organize my daughters hair accessories and small toys in their rooms. Thank you for sharing the tutorial!

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        just curious how the curtain rod is attack\hed to the wall?


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