This is Callie.  I call her Callie because it’s short for Calico.   She is a registered Ragdoll. She was 3 months old in this photo when I got her Summer of 2012.


Callie baby

She was a small chunk of change but cheaper than most Ragdolls because she’s  not registered for Show.  While I was searching for Ragdolls most were in the $2000-$4000 price range.  Although they are worth it I found Callie for $850.

Ragdolls are known for ‘going limp’ when you pick them up and Callie proved that to be true.  She loves being held and carried around. Her temperament is not like any other cat.  When I pick her up she immediately goes limp and stares into my eyes for as long as I hold her. They are know for being very attached to their owners.  They are sociable, when someone comes over she walks up to them and say ‘hi’, while my other kitties run and hide.  They like the companion of other cats and they love fresh air from time to time.

She enjoys going outside on my front porch for some fresh air and bird watching.  She never runs off, she sits in the chair and just looks around enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

torttie mitted ragdoll 2013

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  1. katrina

    Hello 🙂 I am looking into maybe getting a ragdoll, and wanted to know if she ever gets into your sewing things/threads? thanks

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