SEW Organized! Need-le Little Love Sewing Needle Case + Giveaway

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Hello friends and welcome to another Tuesday’s craft room feature.  Today I’m featuring a Need-le Little Love Sewing Case.   Perfect for keeping all your needles safe and in one place!  

needle case sewing tutorial


 Supplies you will need:

Felt-One for front, one for back
and one for flower pot.  I used
stick-on felt.
3 Flower buttons

If you buy your supplies at Joann’s or Michael’s, don’t forget to print out a coupon on their website!

needle holder sewing tutorial supplies sewlicioushomedecor

Cut one piece of felt 5′ x 9′.  Fold in half (long ways) and gently iron a crease in the middle.

needle holder tutorial cut one

Sew rick rack onto edges.  Sew the 2 – 5′ inch edges first, then the 2 – 9′ inch edges.  Fold over 1/2′ inch of rick rack on other side of felt when sewing so you don’t have a raw edge of rick rack showing on the end.   When sewing the 5′ inch edges, place one ribbon in the middle of the edge extending about 1′ inch on the back side.  You will sew this to the edge while you are sewing on the rick rack. This will be the tie.

needle tutorial tie ends

It will look like this when finished.

needle sewing holder rick rack tutorial

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Next, cut out the flower pieces.  For the flower stems you will cut 2 strips 1/4 by 2′ inches long, and 1 strip 1/4 by 2 1/2′ long.  For the flower pot download the pattern here…Download Flower Pot Pattern.

needle holder flower stem sewing tutorial

Center the pieces the way you want them on the front.  If you are not using the stick on felt, use a glue stick to hold the pieces in place, then use embroidery thread to sew them in place, or you can fuse them on.



Cut one piece of felt 4′ x 7′.  This will be placed inside.  (on other side of felt)  Fold in half and gently iron.

needle holder diy tutorial

There are several ways you can apply this.  You can use the stick on felt like I did, you can fuse it on or simply glue it on.

See how the edges of the ribbon extend about 1′ inch…this is so the 4′ x 7′ inch felt piece will cover up the raw ends.


I found this thread in my sewing box, I wish I knew how old it was! 

walmart old spool of thread

Apply the buttons for your flowers.  I do this last since it makes it bulky to work with.  You can also add buttons the shape of flowers.  


kitty cat sewing helper tutorial sewlicioushomedecor

I have had several people ask my how I keep my cats out of my crafts.  As you can see from the picture, I can’t!  Especially when you have 4!    Sometimes I just have to shut the door and keep them in the other room.

You have a chance to win this one.  Just use the easy entry options below.  Giveaway ends 8/20.

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  6. Beautiful needle case. I have just started using felt and I love it.
  7. Hi Marti. I just emailed you my address. Thank you so much :)
  8. Hi again. 'Just realized that I bought a piece of felt exactly like that flowered one a while ago :)
    • I loved all the bright colors.....I remember when felt only came in solid colors I'm so glad they make pretty felt now! I'd love to see what you make with yours! :)
  9. These are really cute!!! I love that they wouldn't take up much space making it ideal for travelling. Would make a nice gift as well. Sharing and Pinning :) New follower via "Blog Stalking Thursday". Have a great weekend! Bismah @
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  11. What a nice giveaway gift! I entered many times, lol!
  12. Great idea! Can these be sold? If I win, I'll keep it. It's way better than my "ouch box"....

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