Dollar Store Bargains {Kitchen Tips}

By | November 2, 2012
I am addicted to The Dollar Store
Every time I visit the store I always find so many more bargains
then what I originally came for.
Here are some of the great bargains I have found.
These are great cups for your coffee. You can’t beat the price $1.

This is my all time favorite cleaner.  It’s highly concentrated and last a long time.
You can’t beat this size of bleach for $1.
These are nice spoons to have as extras on hand.  They work great as well.
This is my other favorite finds for a buck!
I was happy to find this since it matches my kitchen!
They have several decorative towels and oven mitts to choose from.
 Of course you can’t forget about the candy!  YUM.  You can buy the same size candy you pay $5 for at the movies.
These are great to throw in your purse and use when you’re on the go.
I always stock up on Christmas decorations.  They have holiday towels, potholders, and lots of other holiday decorations.
I use these to put in my canisters.
You can stock your gift giving supplies with tissue paper and bows for the holidays.
This is great to have on hand for sending packages.  I needed some at the last minute and had to purchase what was at the post office for $3.50
I buy as many cleaning products that I can.  I’ve used this furniture polish many times and it works great and smells great, too.
What are some of the bargains you have found? 

5 thoughts on “Dollar Store Bargains {Kitchen Tips}

  1. Samantha DeMato

    I too love the packing tape at dollar stores. Great value! Just bought some for a box I had to send out over the weekend…the post office charges extra for tape, you know.

  2. Mrs Bishop

    Seriously, I LOVE the Dollar Tree. Just bought some of those coffee cups the other day. I also always buy sandwich baggies there. And when we were trying to get pregnant, I stocked up on the prego tests- you can’t beat $1!!!


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