Folded Holiday Crown Napkin Tutorial

By | November 20, 2014

Folded Holiday Crown Napkin Tutorial

I’m loving this elegant Holiday Crown Napkin. It has a little pocket so you can add a decorative pic to dress up your tablescape. Your friends and family will be so impressed.Β 

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Holiday Crown Napkin tutorial at
You can stand these cute napkins up or lay them down and put a holiday pic, name tag, or silverware in the pocket.

It’s beautiful, elegant, and festive.

The tutorial is super easy and a fun way to get the kids involved in decorating the table.

Here’s the tutorial. πŸ™‚

1aTo start, lay your napkin flat.

iron ingMake sure you iron your napkins before you begin. πŸ˜‰

Note: During the tutorial make sure your folded napkin matches the photos exactly as shown.


Turn the napkin diagonally and fold in half. Iron of folded edge.

a1Fold the right side diagonally across.

8aFold the left side across diagonally so it lines up with the other side.

h1Fold the bottom end up then back down as shown. Β Iron the napkin making sure you iron the folded edges.

Crown Napkin

g1Hold the folded end in place and turn it over.

f1Fold the left side over exactly as shown.

e1Fold the right side over tucking in the end.

d1Turn it over, it should look like this.

z1Fold the sides down to form a crown. Now you’re ready to add a holiday pic and place on your tablesetting.

Wasn’t that easy!

Holiday Crown Napkin Tutorial

Crown Napkin Tut

Be sure to download your FREE e-Book of all 7

Holiday Napkin Tutorials!

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