Valentine Envelope Napkin Tutorial

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Show your family and friends how much you care with these beautiful envelope napkins.  They will feel extra special knowing you made these napkins just for them and your table setting or party decor will be gorgeous with these beautiful napkins.

I found 6 of these napkins for $2.99 at my local thrift store, so be sure to shop your local thrift stores, you never know what you will find.

Wash and iron your napkins before you begin.

Start by folding in each side of the napkin as shown. The napkin I’m using is 17×17.

Fold in less fabric for a larger envelope or more fabric for a smaller envelope.

Fold the bottom end half way up as shown.

Fold up again as shown.

Fold down the top flap to make an envelope shape.

Add a Valentine sticker.

I found these at my local dollar store.

Of course, no project is made in my house without my little helper.

For more Valentine Napkins see my ROSE NAPKIN and my HEART NAPKIN.


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