Recyced Upcycled Cat Beds

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For all you cat lovers I found some adorable cat beds I’m excited to share with you.

My Ragdoll Callie when she was a baby.

This is her now, 10 years old.

Recycled Cat Beds at


cat hammock

Cat Bed Hammocks~Pinterest


Recycled Drawers Cat Beds~Hometalk

cat bed recycled

Recycled Cat Bed~Pinterest

Sadie Seasongoods

cat bed

Canopy Suitcase Cat Bed~Pinterest

Pet-Bed-from-Old-Sweater (1)

Recycled Sweater to Pet Bed~Wonderful DIY


Pallet Cat Bunk Bed~Pallets


Vintage TV Cat Bed~HausPanther

speaker cat bed

Speaker Cat Bed~Recyclart

monitor cat bed

Recycled Computer Monitor Cat Beds~Apartment Therapy

old dresser cat bed

Old Dresser Cat Bed~Hometalk


Bunk Beds~Just Imagine

canopy cat bed

Recycled Table Cat Bed~Pinterest

dog bed table1R

Posh Pet Bed Table~Artsy VaVA


Adorable Recycled Suitcase~Modern Cat

bassinet cat bed

Recycled Bassinet Cat Bed~Tee Diddly Dee

recycled cat toy

And I love this recycled cat toy made from toilet paper rolls and a Kleenex box~Four White Paws

cat bed shelves

Cute Idea Cat Shelves For Food Bowls~Pinterest

Callie and Twinkie.


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    Creative and gives me incentive to build my own. Thank you, sincerely Beth McCullough Forest

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