Sewing Washcloth Organizer Tutorial

Happy Tuesday! Thank you for joining me for this weeks Tuesday Sew Organized Craft Room feature! Every Tuesday I feature a craft room organization idea!

Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to use a washcloth to make a rollup organizer for your sewing supplies!  It’s quick and easy and very practical! Just purchase a washcloth and some ribbon and that’s all you need!

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This organizer is great for sewing supplies on the go when you’re taking a class or just want to keep your supplies organized in your craft room.  All you need is a washcloth for this easy tutorial.

What you will need:

1 Washcloth

Matching ribbon


Washcloth Sewing Organizer Supplies

Fold up the end of your washcloth about 3/4’s the way up.

Fold washcloth

Sew up both sides.  Tuck your ribbon under the right side edge.

Sew up both sides of washcloth

Measure where you want your pockets to be so that you will sew a straight line and they will be even.

Measure where to sew pockets

Cut ribbon the length of your pockets, plus an extra 1/4 inch.  Pin the ribbon where you want to sew your pockets and sew over the ribbon. Fold the top end of the ribbon under about 1/4 inch.

Measure ribbonYou are done! How easy was that!

#Sewing Washcloth #Organizer Tutorial at


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  3. Marti, this is such a great idea... and so easy to put together. I think I might have some time to whip this up for my Levi when he leaves to go play in Vegas next weekend. Knowing him, he's going to need a little organization when he packs! Pinned! :)
    • Gloria, I love these little washcloth organizers! They are so easy to whip up and can be used for so many things! I bet your Levi is excited about going to Vegas!! That's where my daughter's fiance proposed to her, she had no idea!
      • That is so exciting when the man just burst out the moment! I had to slightly mention to my husband that our 7 yr (of playing house!) was coming up while we were going to be in Hawaii, so it'd be a great place for him to marry me. He said okay... and I planned my wedding in 2 weeks! sometimes, if you want something done... you have to do it yourself. hehe (This was only 3 yrs ago.) Hope you enjoy your day, my friend! :)
        • Awwww, you're still a newlywed!! That is so sweet and your husband sounds so sweet, too. I love how your wedding happened! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii!! I hear it's just as beautiful as all the pictures look!

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