Easy Burlap Drawstring Bag Tutorial

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A simple, small Burlap Drawstring Bag easy enough to make in multiples and stylish enough to use. The bag is topped with a decorative binding, lined with matching fabric, and includes a ribbon drawstring.

This tutorial is designed for beginner sewers or advanced with simple step-by-step instructions.

Easy Burlap-Drawstring-Bag Tutorial by sewlicioushomedecor.com

Do you like cute little bags?  and burlap?  I love them both and had so much fun making this.  because it’s easy and quick and burlap, hello!! I practically bought the whole bolt. so I will be in a serious relationship with my sewing machine for awhile.  I lined it with a solid red because brown and red just look good together.  and it matches my bedroom furniture.

I know you all want to make one too, so here’s how!

What you will need:

Instructions for How To Cut Burlap

1 Piece of burlap

Matching fabric for the lining

Matching binding

Matching ribbon and thread

To start, cut one piece of burlap and one piece of matching lining 14 x 10.

Cut fabric

Sew your lining to the burlap.  Sew up both sides and the bottom.  Leave the top open.

sew on lining

Cut your binding 2-1/2 inches in width.  Since the bag is 14 inches long you will need to add one inch to each end of the binding. So your binding will be 16 inches long and 2-1/2 inches in width.

cut bindng

Fold in both edges of the binding 1/2 inch, then iron.  Line up the binding to the raw edge as shown.

Apply binding

Fold over and pin in place.

Pinned binding

Sew in place.  So close to the edge of the binding, because later we are going to run a ribbon underneath the binding.

sew binding

Now fold your bag together with right sides together.


  Sew up the bottom and side.


STOP sewing when you reach the binding as shown below.  You won’t sew over the binding since you will be running your ribbon through the opening.


Now turn it right side out.


Thread the end of your ribbon with a safety pin.

Thread Ribbon
Run it through the binding until it comes out at the other end. 

threaded ribbon
Congratulations!  You did it! 🙂


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  4. Mona Abrahamson
    My burlap is from coffee bags; therefore, it is pretty thick and coarse. In order for the drawstring to be able to pull the two thicknesses of material easily, I had to increase the overall width of the binding to 3 inches. Thanks for your great instructions and pictures!
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  8. Burlap drawstring bag is my favorite. jute is my also favorite. your blog is very nice i love your every collection. thanks for sharing.
  9. Cute bag - love the idea of lining it with fabric. Thanks for sharing - pinning.
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  11. I love that it's all lined so beautifully with the seams al enclosed - and it's not even difficult! (now that you show me how of course) I love the red with the burlap, our living room is cream with red & brown, I love it as a colour combination. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

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