Trash Bag Dispenser from Recycled Paper Towel Holder

A recycled paper towel holder to use for your Trash Bag Dispenser, large or small. It’s decorative and you can keep it conveniently located on your counter top.

#Trash Bag Dispenser from a paper towel holder at sewlicioshomedecor

No more ugly trash bag boxes sitting on the floor or under a cabinet, keep them at your finger tips. Using a paper towel holder makes it decorative so you can keep it on your countertop in your kitchen or laundry room, even your bathroom for smaller trash bags.


  1. What a wonderful idea. Makes it easier for the kids to help out too! It's my first time visiting, and I'm so glad I did! I will spend some time getting to know you... looks like a fun and creative place you've made for yourself!!! I've clicked to "like" you on Facebook! Enjoy your day ... Jules
    • Hi Jules! I'm so glad you found me too, because it is so nice to meet you!! Thanks for the follow and I am following you back! Have a great Sunday! :)

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