Candy Corn Fabric Wreath

By | October 21, 2016

Candy Corn Fabric Wreath

A Halloween Candy Corn wreath made with fabric strips. A beautiful handmade decoration for Halloween!


I have several candy corn posts around here like these candy corn pancakes, candy corn jars, and candy corn cupcakes.

I want to keep my candy corn tradition going this year, I personally like decorating in candy corn rather than eating them.

I have to admit, this is my first wreath I’ve made using fabric strips.


Now that I’ve finished it and see how easy it is….I plan on making more for other holidays such as Christmas and a red, white, and blue one for 4th of July….doesn’t that sound cute?!

It takes about 2 full days to complete it.  (Longer if you run out of fabric like I did).  lol I had no idea how much fabric to buy since I used less for the white and more for the orange and yellow.

It turned out my guess at 1/2 yard was enough for the white and yellow, but the orange took 3/4 yard. And you will have no fabric leftover.


I used an 18″ box style wire wreath frame. It’s divided into 9 sections.  2 Sections are white, 4 sections are orange, and 3 sections are yellow. Each section took about 60 strips, about 15 per each row. I like if full! 

The first thing you will do is cut or tear your fabric into 1″ strips.  I tore mine, because I like the raw edge look. It’s up to you depending on how you want it to look.

To do this you will:

  1. Snip through the selvage 1-2 inches. Making sure your cut is straight and in line with the grain of the fabric.
  2. Grab each side of the cut and quickly rip it. The faster you rip it (and the tighter the hold), the better the result.


These aren’t the best photos as they were taken with my phone (at night), but you will get the idea. 🙂



Next, remove the kitties. You will then cut your 1″ strips into 1″ x 6″ strips.


Lastly, you will tie each strip onto the the wire wreath until each section is full. You only need to tie the strip once. No need to tie double knots.

This can be mundane in know, but afterwards it will be worth it!

I don’t recommend hanging it outside due to the dust and rain can ruin it.  I’m going to hang mine on my bedroom door.

Where would you hang yours?

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Items I used to make this:

{18″ box style wire wreath frame} {fabric}


6 thoughts on “Candy Corn Fabric Wreath

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  2. PK

    It’s really lovely. I read the name before I saw a pic and thought it might be “corny” ☺ Very nice.

    Just FYI, there are a variety of water repellent sprays you can use for moisture and dirt. Some will cause water to run right off and others are lighter versions so it doesn’t get soaked with a light sprinkle and doesnt change the texture of the fabric.


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