Hot Glue Gun Tips and Tricks

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Hot Glue Gun Tips and Tricks

Tired of burning your fingers or seeing those long strands of glue on your projects?  Here are some helpful tips for using your hot glue gun.

Hot Glue Gun Tips and Tricks

Here’s an idea by Sew Many Ways for making a stand with a binder clip.
hot glue gun tips


The way to get rid of those hot glue strings is to blow dry your project when you’re finished. Craftaholics Anonymous

You can also try putting your glue sticks in the freezer before using them.

Tired of burning your fingers?  Wear a pair of gloves or put band aids on your finger tips for protection, or wear a rubber thimble on your fingertips.

To cool down the glue quicker keep ice cubes near by or water and q-tips and dab the glue after you apply it.

Is your hot glue gun working one minute, but then gets “stuck” in the glue gun?  Rotate the glue stick to get it working again.

If you need to use hot glue for other craft projects, just cut glue sticks in small pieces and place them in an old pan, then warm them up on the stove.  After they have melted just dip things that need to be glued right into the pan.  Re-use the pan again by reheating it.  You could also use a mini crock pot.

To clean your hot glue gun use a dryer sheet, wipe off the tip when your done.

Use the hot tip to melt a plastic container to store ribbon in.  Push the hot tip through the plastic container to melt a hole, then thread your ribbon through the holes.


Have you ever hot glued something and later decided you want to un-do it?  Just rub a warm iron over the glue and peel it right off!

To create colorful drip art, unwrap crayons and put in a hot glue gun.

I can't get enough of melted crayons! My new way of relaxing after putting Luke down to sleep: crayons through a hot glue gun onto canvas. The. Best.



  1. So many good tips! I definitely need to do the crayons in the hot glue gun! Maybe also the binder clip, although for my glue gun holder I use a silicone trivet. Works great!
    • Wouldn't the crayons melting like that in your hot glue gun cause an absolute mess like in the glue gun? All of these are fabulous tips! Thanks so much! **I used an old duct tape roll & cut (box cutter) a square on one side to hold my glue gun up.**
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  3. Thanks for sharing this post with us...nice work...Super Glue or Cyanoacrylate.
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  5. Love, love some of your tips (especially the one about making small holes in plastic with the tip of a hot glue gun!). So awesome. I'm pinning this so I can have a handy reference! Thanks for sharing!
  6. I was hoping for a tip on not burning my fingers - cuz I do that every time! Thank you - will put on a band aid next time! Rather than figuring "no pain no gain" LOL ! Julia
  7. Hi via SitsShareFest! I love the idea with the crayons! There is a pinterest pin of that being done with a hairdryer and gluing the crayons down, but the idea of using them directly in the glue gun sounds more fun! Great tips, pinning this!
  8. Outstanding tips! Thanks. :)

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