Curling Iron Ribbon Iron

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Curling Iron Ribbon Iron

Put ribbon back to good use. Just run wrinkled ribbon in-between a straightener and the wrinkles will disappear!  No need to get out the ironing board or toss them away.  A straightener works perfect and will make your ribbon look brand new again.

Iron your ribbon with a curling iron or straightener

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Use a plastic container for holding strawberries as  a Twine Holder. 

Plastic container twine holder at


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  2. This is such a great tip, Marti! I rarely use my straightener, so now I'll get a little more use out of it;)
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    • Thank you, Kristen! I was so excited to learn this trick! I gathered up all my ribbon, ironed them and now I have a whole new selection of ribbon that looks brand new! :)
  4. I love this idea, Marti! My husband laughed at me for the reason being I bought an iron at the hair store (I have my license to get all that stuff for whole sale) and he was so confused of why I'd buy such a fancy thing. Mind you, my hair is so straight as a board. But, he was even more confused when I told him I needed it for my ribbons. Men. They just don't get it, right?! This is such a helpful tip you shared! Love it! Loving the twine solution!

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