Butter or Margarine What is the Difference

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Butter or Margarine? What is the Difference?

Confused about which one to use? Here are a few tips to help you decide whether to use butter or margarine. 

Does it really matter?

Yes, it does.

I didn’t used to think so until I really started getting into baking.

Have you ever noticed when you melt margarine it basically turns into yellow water? Ick!

So I did a little research, because I noticed some recipes call for butter, some call for margarine, and some say to use either.

So confusing!


Butter is made from cows.  It’s real.

Butter is cream based.

Butter taste good.  It adds flavor to your recipes.

Butter does not melt into yellow water.

It does not mess up your texture in baking or cookies or cakes.

Don’t go cheap.  If you’re going to use butter spend the extra and get a good name brand to enjoy all it’s benefits.

I like Land O’Lakes but that’s just my personal preference.

It’s creamy bursting with delicious butter flavor.

Yum…..I want that.


Margarine is oil based.

It does not taste good or even adds any flavor to your recipe.

Margarine turns to water.  This can really mess up a recipe.

It can make your cookies spread more. If that’s what you want use margarine, but you won’t get that delicious butter flavor.

It gives your recipe a totally different texture.

It’s not creamy, it’s watery.

They say there are some good brands out there for margarine and if you have good luck using it then that is great. Keep using it.

But for me, I love the taste of butter and that’s what I’m sticking with.

For Vegans I recommend Earth Balance brand.

I’d love to hear which one you use in the comments.

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