Bobbin Bouquet

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For easy access, create a cute Bobbin Bouquet for your craft room! Just put a few skewers in a shaker jar and add your bobbins. 

Bobbin Bouguet at sewlicioushomedecor

By making a bouquet of bobbins you can set it by your sewing machine and when you need a bobbin you won’t have to go searching for one!


Want more Bobbin ideas?

Pony Tail Bobbin Holders

pony tail holer bobbin holders

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    Great idea! I do the pony tail holders around the bobbin, but the stick to hold them while in use is a great idea. I will pick up one of those shakers at the thrift store next time there!

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    I am so glad you shared this on your blog because bobbins are always seeming to find there way to the floor or a tangled mess in the boxes. I like your answer to bobbin storage much better. I will be following as I am creating my craft room right now!
    Awesome, cute and colorful!
    Sewing buddies, Karen Marei Kedzuch
    Dragonfly & Lily Pads at blogspot

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      How fun creating your craft room!! I hope you find some ideas you can use….I like this one too because I can see what colors I have and what colors I need when starting a project. Thank you for the follow! Have a great Sunday!

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      This definitely helps with that! And keeps them all in one place so I can tell what colors I have and what colors I need! Now fix me one of those baked corn dogs! Plzzzzz!!


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