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With the holidays upon us I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favorite gadgets to make your holiday baking a little easier. I know they work for me so I know they will work for you, too!

I’ll start off by reviewing my top 5 cookie baking tips:

1. Don’t use the measuring cup as a scoop.

2. Don’t overlook the importance of specific mixing instructions.

3. Use cooled baking sheets.

4. Chill the cookie dough.

5. Watch the oven.

You can find all of my tips here.

Let’s get to the gadgets, shall we?!

Best Cookie Gadgets

Line your baking pan. Don’t spray your cookie sheet with greasy non-stick spray, it will effect how the bottom of your cookies turn out. Line it with parchment papernon-stick foil or a silicone baking mat (my preference). The cookies brown nicely and you can transfer the cookies easily to a cooling rack. Less clean up, too!

Small Cookie Scoop. There’s no easier way to make perfectly sized cookies.  Scoop the batter and scrape the top off using the edge of the bowl. This one is my favorite.

Shiny heavyweight baking sheets. Shiny baking sheets that reflect heat are less likely to produce overbaked cookie bottoms. Dark baking sheets absorb heat and can burn your cookies quicker.

Cooling racks. They really make a difference.  They allow the cookies to cool quickly once removed from the oven. These cooling racks are inexpensive and well worth it!

Rubber or Silicone Spatulas. These spatulas are a bakers must have. It’s imperative when making cookie dough to scrape the side of the bowl making sure you get all the ingredients in the dough. The spatulas are sturdy and get the job done. They even come with a baby spatula for smaller batches.

Measuring Cups/Spoons. Measuring ingredients exactly as the recipe calls for is important. I love this set because it has a sturdy grip handle and comes with matching measuring spoons. For even more exact measuring weigh your flour.

Stand/Hand Mixer. If you don’t have a stand mixer you can certainly use a hand mixer. The stand mixer especially is convenient for large batches, but either one will get the job done!

Oven Thermometer. Every oven is different and most ovens are inaccurate. Using an oven thermometer will make your baking so much easier. They are inexpensive and worth it.

Clear Measuring Cups.  If you prefer measuring your flour in a measuring cup these will do the trick. Use a spoon and spoon the flour into the measuring cup rather than scooping the cup into the flour.

Clear Glass Bowls. Often times recipes call for preparing dry ingredients and wet ingredients in separate bowls. This set is my favorite and once I combine all the ingredients, I just use my hand mixer to mix it all together.

Cookie Press. I love making cute fancy cookies during the holidays. This OXO cookie press is easy to use and comes with 12 decorative disks for Christmas, Spring and Autumn.

Cookie Cutters. These cookies cutters are durable and give your dough a clean cut, you want to make sure to use quality cookie cutters. They also come with small cookie cutters used for topping pies.

Now let’s bake some cookies!

Q: What are your favorite cooking gadgets?


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And when it’s all done with give your oven an good cleaning.

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