How To Remove Ink From Glass Bottles and Jars

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Do you have a jar you want to re-use, but it has black ink on it?  There is a VERY easy way to remove the ink without any scrubbing or soaking!


It comes right off with nail polish remover.  Just put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball or rag and wipe it right off.  Watch it disappear instantly!

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  1. I love your tip for getting ink off of glass bottles! I had a "Why didn't I think of that" moment! :)
    • Thank you, Jocelyn! I added that you may have to alternate between the nail polish remover and peanut butter a couple of times for more stubborn labels. I got the idea from when my daughter was little she got gum stuck in her hair and the only way we got it out was with peanut butter! :) Have a great week, can't wait to see what your cooking up next!!
  2. Marti, well this a nifty little trick! There are so many cute bottles out there. I actually purchase what is in them... just to have the glass jar. My husband thinks I'm crazy! (But, hubbys don't understand, right?!)
    • I do the exact same thing, buy it for the bottle then dump what's in it just to use the bottle. It's crazy, but we understand it, right?! LOL My latest was I bought a set of 4 Starbucks Frap drinks...they were so cute, they came in a cute little carrier with 4 glass bottles...I dumped out the drink..not too much of a fan of those drinks, cleaned the jars and now I can't wait to use them for my next craft!! LOL
      • Marti, that is too funny! I'm not a big fan of those, too. But, I've had friends that would ask anyone to just come and drink them so she would feel like she wasn't wasting her time and money.... but I would do just what you did, pour them down the drain. Easier that way than finding someone to drink it for you, right?! Lol! Have a great night!
        • I kinda felt like I was wasting it, (just for a second) but I didn't have time to find someone. You're right, it's much easier just to throw it out, I have too many crafts to make and recipes to cook! LOL
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