Recycled Upcycled Plastic Cookie Trays

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These are a double treat!  Eat your cookies and save the tray. These recycled plastic cookie trays can be used to organize your craft room, kitchen, office, bathroom, or drawers. 

Recycled Cookie Trays Containers at

I love using these plastic trays in my craft room. They come in handy when I am organizing my drawers.  I use them for my wooden spoons and forks then place them in drawers or on a shelf.

Upcycled Plastice Cookie Containers at

I don’t eat a lot of cookies but I love the trays so I give the cookies to the kids in my neighborhood.  They call me their favorite neighbor. They’ve gotten to where they come knock on my door to see if I have anymore cookies. LOL

Recycled Plastic Cookie Containers at

You can use them in your office to organize pens, or in the kitchen for silverware, or in the bathroom for make-up. They are durable and easy to clean.

Recycled Upcycled Cookie Plastic Container Trays at

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