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Welcome to our Recipe Exchange Group!

If you are wanting to add to your recipe collection then you have come to the right place!  By joining this group, you will be able to share your favorite recipes and receive new recipes each and every month.  You can exchange recipes with one member or exchange recipes with everyone!


You will first signup below and specify if you want to exchange recipes through the mail or by email.  If you sign up to exchange recipes through the mail you write out a recipe and mail it to the member.  If you want to exchange recipes by email you will exchange recipes by email.

At the FIRST of each month a list will be sent out to everyone that has signed up.  It will include the addresses and email addresses for everyone.

You will contact as many people as you want to exchange recipes with. If you want to exchange with 5 members, you will contact all 5 members and let them know you want to exchange recipes with them.  From there, you will communicate with them if you want to send and receive recipes through the mail or exchange them through email.

The reason you will need to contact them is so they know to send you a recipe back.  This is to make sure you receive recipes.

If you just send a member a recipe without contacting them first, they may not send you one back.  So be sure to contact them in advance if you want to receive a recipe back!

By joining, you are agreeing to sending recipes to the members that contact you! Members who do not follow this rule will be removed. 

    How would you like to receive your recipes?


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