Pink HandBag-Simplicity Pattern #0684

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When was the last time you picked out a pattern and sat down to sew just so you could have some ‘me’ time?  I recently enjoyed some ‘me” time and some ‘daughter’ time making these fun hand bags.  I made one for my daughter and thought they turned out so cute I made one for myself.  I love sewing for people especially my daughter so most of the things I make are for her.  She uses her bag to store all her bottles of paint in since she likes to paint.  I use my bag to carry books in when I’m taking classes or carry it as a purse.  It’s holds so much I can even fit my craft magazines in it.

They are reversible, so when I get tired of looking at one side I just turn it inside out and it’s like having a new hand bag, and I love how they are made with pockets on both sides to store the smaller things in.

They are  easy to make, I made one in a day, actually about a 1/2 a day.  I was able to find matching fabrics from my stash so the only expense I had was the pattern.  And if you don’t know this already, you can get a discount at JoAnn’s if you go to their website and print out their weekly coupon.

Pink Reversable Hand Bag Simplicity pink hand bag purse

Pink reverse side hand bag


BMKL1_0001_300x250_v1 (1)

reversible hand bag


Red reversible hand bag


Red cherry reversible hand bag

Red reversible hand bag pocket


Simplicity Hand Bag Pattern #0684

Want more?  Visit Craftsy for free handbag patterns.

BMKL1_0001_300x250_v1 (1)

free sewing patterns


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  1. I almost never sew for me- thanks for the inspiration!!

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