Eggs-cellent Ways to Recycle and Reuse Egg Cartons

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Egg cartons aren’t just for eggs.  I didn’t know all the things they could be reused for until I bought a book called Extraordinary Uses For Ordinary Things by Readers Digest.  I found the book at our local half off book store and it has a list of all the things you can reuse egg cartons for.  So the next time you go to throw out your egg cartons, you may want to keep them instead and reuse them again!

List of eggs-cellent ways to recycle and reuse egg cartons.If you haven’t already put up your decorations you can store small Christmas balls in them.

Reuse egg cartons to store christmas balls

 David at LifeHacker says to reuse them to start a fire.  Just fill them with charcoal and place it inside the grill.

reuse egg carton for charcoal to start a fire

No Time For Flash Cards uses egg cartons to hold playing cards.

Reuse egg carton to hold playing cards

Bookish Ways In Math and Science used an egg carton to make a match game. (and a free printable  you can download)

reuse egg carton for math game

At Apartment Therapy you can make a strand of lights reusing cardboard egg cartons.

reuse egg cartons to make lights

Ideas from the book:

Start Seedlings:  Use a cardboard egg carton as a nursery for your seeds.  Fill each cell in the carton with soil and plant a few seeds in each one.  Once the seeds have sprouted, divide the carton into individual cells and plant, cardboard cells and all.

Make Ice:  Making a bunch of ice for a picnic or party?  Use the bottom halves of clean polystyrene egg cartons as auxiliary ice trays.

Reinforce a Trash Bag:  Yuck!  You pull the plastic trash bag out of the kitchen trash container and gunk drips out.  Next time, put an opened empty egg carton at the bottom of the trash bag to prevent tears and punctures.

Create Shippable Homemade Goodies:  Here’s a great way to brighten the day of a solider, student, or any faraway friend or loved one.  Cover an egg carton with bright wrapping paper.  Line the individual cells with candy wrappers or shredded coconut.  Nestle homemade treats inside each.  Include the carton in your next care package or birthday gift, and rest assured the treats will arrive intact.

Golf Ball Caddy:  An egg carton in your golf bag is a great way to keep golf balls clean and ready for teeing off.

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