Scrapbook Paper Covered Letters DIY {home decor}

My niece is graduating from high school and I wanted to give her her initials that match her orange bedroom decor.   So I bought paper mache letters at Joanns and some scrapbook paper that matches the bedroom.   (don’t forget to use their coupons when you go!)

I used adhesive glue in a can and sprayed the letters then covered them with scrapbook paper.

This is a fun way to decorate a child’s room.  She loved it!

Scrapbook covered paper mache letters at

This is my sweet niece at graduation.

Supplies Needed:
Paper mache letters
Scrapbook pages
Elmer’s spray adhesive 
Exacto knife

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  • Paint the edges of the letters.  No need to paint the front of the letters since you will be covering them with scrapbook paper.
  • Turn your scrapbook paper face side down and place the letter on top of the wrong side.  Trace the letters onto the back side of the scrapbook paper.
  • Cut out the letters with scissor and use an exacto knife for the inside of letters that you can’t reach with scissors.  Now you have a scrapbook page that is the exact size and shape of your letters.
  • After the paint has dried on the edges of the letters, spray elmer’s spray adhesive on the face of the letters, then place your scrapbook letter on top.  It will fit perfectly.

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