How To Make Funfetti Candy Coated Martini Glasses Party Decorations

By | February 20, 2015

Who says funfetti is just for food? These Funfetti Martini Glasses will be a conversation piece at any party! They are a fun and tasty way to serve a drink, even non-alcoholic like lemonade.

How To Make Candy Coated Funfetti Martini glasses

Funfetti can be used for many things like this Funfetti Candle or this candle or add a little sweetness and color to your drinks.

DIY Funfetti Drinking Glasses Candy Coated sewlicioushomedecor

Just coat the inside of a glass with a thin layer of corn syrup then sprinkle it with Funfetti. The Funfetti sticks to the corn syrup and the corn syrup dries quickly so when you fill your glass with a drink the Funfetti stays on the sides of the glass. Eventually, {but not immediately}  it will start to dissolve into the drink and your drink will taste a little sweeter! The candy will add a little color, too. So if you are serving a clear drink this will turn it into a pretty drink, or if you are serving lemonade this will make it colorful.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial.  Enjoy!


1 Martini glass or glass of your choice

Corn syrup


I found all these supplies at the dollar store!

Candy Coated Martini Glasses

Pour a small amount of corn syrup in your glass.  Use your finger to spread it around inside making sure the entire inside of your glass is coated. Turn the cup upside down and let it sit for a couple of minutes to let any excess drip out.

Don’t let it sit too long or it will dry and the Funfetti won’t stick to it. 🙂

Funfetti Candy Coated Martini glasses

Next, pour in your Funfetti use a little or a lot.  After I sprinkled in Funfetti I made it more pink by adding pink candy crystals.

Add as much or as little candies as you wish. The more candy means the more colorful it will be.

Let it sit about 30 minutes to dry.

Candy coated glasses

To get candy on the rim pour a good amount of corn syrup on a paper plate and dip the rim into the corn syrup.

How to dip glasses in funfetti

Then immediately dip it into another plate of candy crystals and your done! Let it sit a couple of hours to dry before using it.

These are so fun to entertain with and cost less than $5 to make!

How To Make Funfetti Martini Glasses Candy Coated

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  7. Shana Sutton

    This is soo fun and festive! I absolutely love it! I’m definitely going to try it for my next party. Pinning!
    Shana from Technotini

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    1. Marti Post author

      Thank you, Diana! I love that they can be used for lemonade for kids, my daughter is expecting her first baby and I can’t wait to do this!! 🙂


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