Money Saving Michaels Shopping Day

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Hello friends!  Welcome to Tuesday’s Craft Room series.  Since this series is all about crafts, I’m going to share with you how I spent $50 dollars at Michaels and got $70 worth of supplies.

Michaels savings

My daughter just moved to Minnesota and sent me a $50 ecard from Michaels for Christmas.  It was all done electronically through email.  I printed out the certificate and that’s what I used for my ‘gift card’.   Great idea for family and friends that live out of town!

This is something new they came out with.  When I got to the register it would not take the paper certificate so the checker had to call the manager to the front and she could not get it to scan either.

She said I’ve never seen these and our register is not taking it.  At that point from the way she said it (not rude at all, just very matter of fact),  I knew they were thinking I probably just made the certificate on my computer and was trying to scam them out of $50.

There was a number on the certificate that said if you have any questions to call Michaels.  So after the manager had called the district manager and he had not heard of this, she called the number on the certificate and was able to speak to a Michael’s representative to walk her through the steps.

Finally, it took the ‘card’ and I was able to make my purchase.

We ended up laughing about it afterwards, they were quiet excited that they had come out with this and agreed it was a very good idea.

family scrapbooking

Now, how did I get $70 worth of products for only $50?  I will tell you.  The first thing I did was went on their website and printed off all their coupons for that week.  Then I went to Joann’s website and printed off all of theirs, since Michaels takes competitor coupons.

I had two coupons for 40% off total price and one coupon for 50% off of one item.  So I had a total of three coupons to use.

I made my first round through the store eyeing everything I wanted and making a mental note.  I put several things in my basket and one expensive item since I knew I was going to be getting it for 50% off.  It was a Better Homes and Garden cupcake book.

I knew I was going to be using my 40% off total purchase coupons so I wanted to be sure to check out all the sale items so I could get an additional savings with my coupon!

I made one round through the store and didn’t know how much I had in my basket so I went to check out.

The first purchase total came to at total of $39.03.  Then I handed her a coupon for 40% total purchase and it came down to 28.66. This gave me a balance left on my card of 21.34.  So I went back through the store a second time going back to those items I was eyeing earlier and picked up $38.20 worth of merchandise.

I went back through the checkout a second time and when it rang up $38.20 I gave the checkout lady my other two coupons.  One for 40% off total purchase price and one for 50% off one item, for my Better Homes & Garden cupcake book.  It brought the total down to 26.34.  I used the remainder of my card and paid cash for the few extra bucks.

This is how I used my $50 gift certificate and received $25 savings!  Without the coupons my first purchase would have been $39.03 and I would have only been able to buy something worth $11 the next trip.  Instead, I was able to go back through the store and grab $38 of merchandise!

This is why I never walk into Michaels, Joanns, or Hobby Lobby without coupons in hand!  You can also use your iphone too, they can scan the coupons right from your phone!

I signed up to all their mailing lists so that I recieve all their coupons in the mail, because they don’t always have coupons there you can use if you forget to bring yours.  Especially, Hobby Lobby.  Sometimes if I have forgotten my coupons Michaels and Joanns will find one of theirs and scan it, but Hobby Lobby will not.  It’s always best to bring them and have them ready in hand.  This way you know how to buy.  I love using the 40% off of one item coupon every week.  If there’s a cupcake book or a seasonal craft item I want, I always use my coupon and get it for almost half the cost……a real savings!!

I’d love to hear where you buy your crafts at!

Here’s a snapshot at what all I got!


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This is sweet little Ellie.  She can’t hide the fact that she’s been into something with the spot on her nose.I just don’t know what!


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