DIY Interchangeable Scented Hot Pads

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DIY Interchangeable and Washable Scented Hot Pads

These interchangeable and washable scented hot pads will be your kitchens new best friend!  They are scented  to make your kitchen smell good and they keep hot pots and pans from burning your countertops.  You can make several using many different scented oils or cinnamon or any of your other favorite spices.  

These are super easy to make.  This is a perfect tutorial for beginners.


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DIY Interchangeable Scented Hot Pads at


One piece of fabric cut 15 1/2 x 7 1/2

One piece of Muslin cut 13 x 7

2 Cups  of rice, uncooked or coffee beans

Scented oils You can find them at Walmart in the candle section

Plastic baggie

supplies hot pads

Pre-wash your fabric so it won’t shrink later!

The first thing you will need to do the day before is put 2 cups of dry, uncooked rice in a plastic baggie, add 5-6 drops of scented oil; shake well. Refrigerate overnight.


Cut out your material.  Cut your fabric 15 1/2 x 7 1/2.

hot pad cutting

Cut your muslin 13 x 7

cutting - Copy

Hem 1/4 inch hem on the two long ends of the fabric.

hot pad 5 - Copy

Fold the bottom end 3/4th’s the way, about 5 inches from the top.


Fold the other end (top end)over about 2 to 2 1/2 inches.  Making sure that the hem covers the hem on the bottom piece, so that the only hem showing is the hem from the top that you just folded down, as shown.


Next, sew each side together, as shown.


Turn it right side out.  Now you have a cute hot pad pocket ready for your scented hot pad!


Fold your muslin in half and sew up the edges and top, leaving a space open large enough to pour in the rice.


Fill your muslin hot pad with rice. Sew up the opening by folding in the 1/4 hem, as shown.

hotpad tut 2

Sew opening closed.

hot pad tut 1

Now, insert it into your hot pad pocket and you have a nice scented hot pad! They make your kitchen smell wonderful and make great gifts.


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