How to make a Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial {halloween}

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One thing I love about Halloween are Pumpkins!  I just love all the ways they can be decorated and all the fun things you can do with them.  I used this tutorial to make my Pumpkin Wreath and it has become one of my favorite Halloween decorations.

Here is an easy tutorial on how to make fabric Pumpkins for wreaths, garland, or make a Pumpkin Patch!

how to make a fabric pumpkin tutorial at sewlicioushomedecor

They are fun to make with colored fabric or felt.  You can use any color of your choice.

Cut larger shaped fabric for larger Pumpkins.

how to make a fabric pumpkin tutorial

What you will need:

Fabric or felt cut 8×9 or for larger Pumpkins cut a larger square


Needle and thread




Just follow these easy steps.

how to make a felt pumpkin collage how to make a fabric pumpkin collage 2

Fall Pumpkin Wreath


BOO Wreath

BOO Halloween Wreath submissions



  1. Oh how cute! The wreath is my favorite :)
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