How To Make Rooster Mason Jars Gift and Craft Kitchen Ideas

How To Make Rooster Mason Jars Gift and Craft Kitchen Ideas

Turn a Mason Jar or any jar into a Rooster jar.  Simply use a cut-out and a some paint to transform any jar into a decorative jar.

How To Make A Red Rooster Mason Jar Easy Tutorial Fun Gift Ideas at

My kitchen is decorated in Roosters and I am always adding new Rooster decorations including this adorable Rooster jar.

This tutorial is super easy.  Anyone can do it by following these easy step-by-step instructions.

I will show you how to transform a jar into a beautiful decoration using a cut out decal.

I first must say I am honored that Woman’s World featured my jar.  Thank you Woman’s World!


If you’re like me you already have a collection of jars and Mason jars, but if not that’s ok, too.

I’ve turned into somewhat of a hoarder.

Give any room a fresh look by using colors that match your decor.

These jars will brighten any room.

Red Rooster Mason Jar Tutorial

You can find cut-outs by doing a Google search.

There are hundreds of different styles of Roosters so do a search and look for the one you like.

Or if you want to create a jar with a different cut-out just search for the cut-out you like.

Once you find a cut-out, you will print it out onto contact paper.

Don’t be afraid…’s easier then you may think!

Here’s the simple tutorial:


Mason Jar

Contact paper

Red spray paint

Black acrylic paint and a sponge paint brush


Rooster pattern of your choice found on Google search

Step 1: You will paint the inside of your jar black. Pour acrylic paint inside and roll your jar around to coat the entire jar, use a sponge paint brush to coat it completely. Set it upside down to let the extra paint run out.  This usually takes a couple of hours. Then turn the jar right side up and let dry over night.

paint black jarStep 2: After you have located a Rooster photo, size it down to fit your jar.  Do a test print to make sure it prints the size you prefer.

You will then tape contact paper to a piece of paper and use that to print your rooster on.

NOTE:  Once you found a photo save it to your desktop.  Then open it in PicMonkey and flip the image. Make sure when you print it, it is facing the opposite direction because when you peel it off the contact paper and apply it to the jar it is going to be facing the other direction.

You can easily flip your photo in PicMonkey. (affiliate link)

picmonkey flip an image


Step 3: Cut out your Rooster using scissors and an exacto knife for the hard to get to places.


Step 4: Peel off your Rooster from the contact paper and place it on your jar.

black rooster jar

Step 5: Before you spray paint the jar put something over the top so you don’t get red spray paint in the jar.


Krylon is my favorite go to spray paint. I used a gloss paint.

krylon red paint for rooster mason jars at sewlicioushomedecor.comStep 6: Paint the entire outside of the jar red painting over the Rooster.

IMG_4840Step 7: After your jar has completely dried peel off the Rooster. I used the tip of an exacto knife and pulled it off in the center then it peeled right off.

Spray it with a clear sealer then fill it with kitchen utensils or other favorite things!

I’d love to hear how you would use the jar!!



Items I used for this craft: 

mason jar | exacto knife | contact paper | red krylon paint | black krylon paint | foam paint brush


How To Make Rooster Mason Jars Easy Tutorial and Gift Ideas at


  1. Love It! One commenter was concerned about food use. She could first paint the outside in black, then when dry, put rooster cutout on, spray paint red all over, then remove decal. The rooster will be black, and no paint will be inside.
  2. Hi! Thanks a lot for sharing this diy rooster mason jar. I think this will make a great gift for moms especially with mother's day approaching :)
  3. Love this DIY idea. Looks nice. I am going to do this for a dear friend at work that I think of as a second Mom. She loves roosters. I am going to make it for her for Christmas, but a set from small to big.. Thank you.
  4. I jst started decorating my kitchen with Roosters and chickens after looking at some awesome ideas on pintrest Omg what would we do w/o Pintrest and im most def. going to make this Rooster Mason jar project .Thank you for such a great idea
    • Hello! Yes, you can do that! I used two colors, (black and red) so that's why I painted the inside of the jar. If you only used one color and painted over your design template (rooster), when you peel it off it will be clear...the color of the jar. Which is fine, too! :)
  6. Stopping in to let you know I am featuring you tomorrow at my P3 Part Feature Post! What a clever mason jar idea! Love it! Thanks again for pinning look for a little more traffic from me Friday! Kim
    • Thank you, Laurie! I'm glad you like it, my kitchen has been red and black for years. I never seem to get tied of those colors and they go well with other colors I have added in my kitchen. Thank you for hosting an awesome party! :)

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