DIY Tissue Paper Tassels Banner Party Decorations

This Tissue Paper Banner is put together using tissue paper to make tassels.  Run them through twine and you have an adorable party banner! 

How To Make Tissue Paper Banners Tutorial with Tassels for Party Decoration

I made this for Valentines but use any kind of tissue paper depending on the occasion.  Use 2-3 different colors to really make the banner stand out.

Tissue Banner and Tassels

Here’s what you will need:


Tissue paper in 2-3 colors


Ribbon or wire


step 1

Note: I used 2 sheets of tissue paper for each tassel. The silver tissue paper was a little thicker so I only used one sheet.

STEP 1:  Fold 2 sheets of tissue paper in half and cut it into a square with the folded edge at the top. I cut my tissue paper about 9 inches in width.

STEP 2:  Cut the tissue paper in strips about 1 inch, stopping about 1 inch from the top.

STEP 3:  Unfold the tissue paper straightening out the strips.

step 2

STEP 4:  Roll the tissue paper where the folded edge is in the center.

STEP 5:  Straighten out the strips as you go so they don’t get tangled.

STEP 6:  After you have folded it all the way to the end, fold it in half to create a loop.

step 3

STEP 7:  Secure the loop with ribbon, twine, or wire.

STEP 8:  Cut the ends to your desired length.

STEP 9:  Run the loops through twine.


How To Make Tissue Paper Party Banners Tutorial

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