Sunday Funday Thrift Store Shopping

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Some of my favorite things I have found at thrift stores.  There are about 5 near by and I try to frequent at least one once a week.  The problem is I’m running out of space to keep everything. But that won’t stop me! There’s just something about finding something for $2 that would cost a small fortune at a retail store or finding something you love for only 2 bucks.

Last year I started collecting pitchers and everytime I go I always find at least one or two.

I’m always shopping for props for my photos, and a lot of what I use has come from thrift stores.

Here’s a few things I found this weekend.


I found this pitcher and milk jug set for $2.79 each.

I stashed them away with my other pitchers to use later for photo props.



I had my eye on this pink pitcher at Joann’s.  I saw it around Valentines for $19.99 and passed it up.  Yesterday they had it on clearance for %70 off and the lady at the checkout let me use my 40% off coupon, so I ended up paying around $3 for it!


And this is Callie watching the birds.  I put out birdseed on my patio and they come right up to my patio door.

My kitties will spend hours watching them.


Happy Sunday!


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  2. I love the pitchers! Love shopping at thrift stores too! That's so cute with your cats! My cat would probably claw his way outside if a poor bird came that close (he's kindof a meanie!) ... :) Have a great day, Julia
    • Hi Julia! I'm so glad to know someone else who loves thrift stores! Some of my favorite things I will never part with came from thrift stores. It's so addicting. My kitties have tried to attack the birds and they kept hitting the glass door instead, so they've learned they can only watch. lol
  3. Pretty finds. I love blue speckled graniteware. The Joann's pitcher is so pretty. 'Gotta love their coupons and sales :)
    • I was so glad to find the blue set for such a great price, it makes it as good as using those coupons at Joann's....such good ways to get a good bargain!

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