Sew Organized Recycled Tic Tac Containers to Yarn Containers

Happy Tuesday to you!  Thank you for joining me again for this week’s Sew Organized Craft Room feature!  Today I’m featuring another yarn, twine, or embroidery thread holder in a tic tac container.

atictac yarn container

Remember these?  We used to eat them like candy growing up.  Now, they’ve come out with a larger container that’s perfect for storing things in.

Tic Tac Yarn Holders at sewlicioushomedecor

Like yarn, twine, or embroidery thread.  I love the containers, see how the top flips open?

tictac flip top container

I can already hear the wheels in your head turning with all the endless ideas you can do with these containers!

Yarn container at

After you fill it with your yarn, just close the top!

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Want to see more yarn containers?

McDonald’s I’m lov’in it! Yarn Holders

Fun McDonalds-Im-lovin-it-Use-plastic-cups-for-yarn-holders-at-sewlicioushomedecor

Did you see these Toilet Paper Roll Yarn Holders in the background?

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Yarn Holders


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  1. […] Recycle all those leftover tic tac containers you have by filling them with your embroidery thread! All you have to do is roll up your thread, pop it in the removable top, and you have an easy way to store your embroidery thread that prevents tangles. After you fill it, just close it and keep the end near the top so you can pull it through the slot where the tic tacs used to come out! You can find a full tutorial on Sewlicious Home Decor. […]
  2. Hey it's Deonna from the Child at Heart blog. I LOVE this and would love for you to link up at our link party this week! I also have a super great spring necklace to give away so come on over :)

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