How To Make Felt Trees for Christmas or Valentines Tutorial

These elegant Valentine Felt Trees are easy to make and inexpensive.  Make them for Valentine’s Day or make red and green ones for the holidays!  They can be made for less than $5 with felt and a Styrofoam cone! Perfect for any table centerpiece.

Felt Valentine Trees

These trees look very expensive, would you have ever guessed they cost less than $5 to make!!?

The options are endless as to what you can do with them!

Valentine Felt Trees

Make pink and red ones for Valentines, red and green ones for Christmas, then there’s Easter, red, white, and blue  ones for 4th of July……..endless options and beautiful!

Here’s the easy tutorial:


Appox. 15 sheets of felt-any color.  Oh heck, grab them in all the colors!!

Styrofoam cone(s)-Or you can make one using poster board



Hot glue gun or regular Elmer’s glue if you don’t have a hot glue gun

Something round like a spool of ribbon to trace a circle

Decorative accessories, optional

Felt Valentine Trees tutorial

STEP 1:  Gather your supplies
STEP 2: Using a spool of ribbon or something round, trace circles onto your felt. I used about 15 sheets of felt and cut out 3″ inch circles using a spool of ribbon as a guide.
Cut out the circles, making sure to cut off the pen or pencil marks on the edges!
There may be an easier way to do this. LOL
STEP 3: Using a pencil, you will poke the center of each circle into the cone.  Add a drop of hot glue to the center of the circle before poking it into the Styrofoam to secure it in place. Start at the bottom of your tree and work your way around and then up, filling it in completely.

Then add any other decorations you like.  I added a strand of beads and some pink pom poms that I found at the Dollar Store.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

Pink Valentine Tree

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  1. These are just precious...thanks for showing us how.

    I am right beside you on Strut Your Stuff...and I just linked up to follow. come over for a great candle giveaway.
  2. So pretty! I am doing a little felt project now & sharing soon, but totally different from yours & not related to decor but valentines day. Hope your having a great week & thanks for linking up @ Theresa

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